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Areas of Assistance

Build Essential Skills

Obtain the skills needed for work, learning & life.

Technology Coaching

Understand the latest technology required in the workplace.

Upgrade Your Skills

Invest in yourself to improve FUTURE YOU!

Independence Skills

“Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.”

Ho Chi Minh

Is Literacy Right For Me?

Together We Will Build The Future

Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) Program serve adult learners:

  • Who are Ontario residents;
  • Who are at least 19 years old. LBS service providers may occasionally serve young adults between ages 16 to 18 who demonstrate the maturity to benefit from adult education.
  • Who are proficient enough in speaking and listening to benefit fully from the language of LBS instruction of English or French, generally CLB 6. This eligibility requirement does not apply to Deaf learners.

Built on 4 Pillars of Literacy


Assistance with developing skills to perform tasks in your home, personal life and community.


Entering employment, retaining current employment or advancing your career.


Upgrade your skills for a high school diploma, GED or entry to post-secondary education.


Process, benefits, and opportunities available in pursuing an apprenticeship.

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Pillars of Literacy


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Literacy Tips

Literacy Tips

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ROVLN in the Media

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