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Mar 10, 2022

Many daily activities such as reading and writing can actually help us improve our literacy skills. Devoting a few minutes of our time each day on such activities can enable us to develop better literacy skills and ultimately lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

Check out a couple of tips on improving literacy among adults through reading and writing

Read a book – something preferably short and of great interest to you especially if you aren’t actually fond of reading. Take the time and effort to go through it at your own time. You’ll find lots of interesting stories from your local library.

Seek to improve your thinking skills by trying out “brain teasers” every day like Sudoku or crossword puzzles. You can find a lot of these activities online,  a mobile phone app or the newspaper.

Switch to something different – try reading a few pages aloud from time to time which will also help improve your verbal communication skills. You can also try listening to audio books for a change to fine tune your listening skills.

Work on your creative writing skills by taking the time to write a letter. Not only will this improve your literacy skills but also strengthens relationships as well.

Spend your weekends doing something creative – like painting or scrap-booking. This will help open your mind to learning new things as well as boost creativity and visual focus.

These are only a few tips everyone can look into to further develop their literacy skills as they go about their daily lives. A lot of people may even find these enjoyable which in turn opens the door to new interests and opportunities.


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