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Literacy Volunteer Resources November 8, 2016

Literacy Volunteer Resources is a comprehensive package to meet every trainer’s dream! In the Trainer’s Manual you will find everything you need to train volunteer literacy tutors.

Choose from a menu of thought provoking activities and customize the training to meet the needs of your tutors. Hands-on activities give tutors the opportunity to consolidate their newly acquired skills. The training is interactive and varied, using icebreakers, case studies, group work and assignments. By the end of the training, your tutors will have demonstrated their readiness to work with learners.

The Trainer’s Manual also has suggestions for organizing, preparing, administering and evaluating the training. It is accompanied by the Information Package for Participants which describes the training and is given to tutors before they register.

Coordinators will appreciate Managing the Volunteer Process which includes practical guidance on intake, training, supervision, motivation, recognition, performance appraisal and program evaluation.

Share Literacy Volunteer Opportunities with prospective tutors and let them make an informed decision about volunteering.

If you have used the OCCL Handbook for Literacy Tutors, you will want this resource in your program.

The Literacy Volunteer Resources package is available from Grass Roots Press, division of Literacy Services of Canada Ltd. website

You can order this publication by email: grassrt@telusplanet.net, fax: 780-413-6582 or by regular mail.

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